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Mission and Vision Statement:

“Aspire to Succeed…I want to! I will do! I can do!

Embrace the challenge; shape our future!”

Our vision for Harwood Park Primary School reflects a passionate commitment to create a happy, secure and stimulating environment where the children are able to grow and develop within the caring inclusive ethos to reach their full potential. It is driven by our desire to offer the best possible learning experiences for our pupils in partnership with parents and the local community.

Harwood Park Primary School Core Values: Respect, Perseverance, Kindness and Co-operation.


Core Values and Aims:

  • Harwood Park Primary aims to provide its pupils with an opportunity to reach their full potential; academically, emotionally and socially.
  • To create a happy, safe and nurturing environment instilling the fundamental four core values of respect, perseverance, kindness and cooperation.
  • To ensure pupils value their own achievements and those of their peers.
  • To enable all children to develop a growth mindset, thereby developing independence, resilience and ownership of their learning.
  • To work in partnership with parents and other stakeholders in celebrating the strengths of the school while providing opportunities for the pupils to fully develop their potential.


Our Professional Pledges:

At all times, the staff at Harwood Park Primary School will:

  • Work collaboratively with colleagues;
  • Create a high trust environment;
  • Have high expectations and challenge children;
  • Manage the learning environment:
  • Promote a growth mindset, welcoming mistakes;
  • Uses a range of teaching and learning strategies;
  • Empathise and keep children in mind;
  • Reflect and respond positively;
  • Give and receive feedback;
  • Smile, Shine and Sparkle!


Read the Curriculum Policy for more detailed information.