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These are the 8 people who make up the Governing Body of Harwood Park Primary  School. They are current parents, representatives of the local authority, co-opted members and the school staff. For more information or to contact a Governor contact the school office.

Ellen Yates

Chair,  Full Governing Board, Pay and Personnel and Performance Management Committee

Classification: Co-opted Governor

Appointed: 01 Sept 2019 (since 01 Sept 2015)

Term ends: 31 Aug 2023


Wendy Tudge

Vice Chair

Safeguarding and Cared for children governor

Chair, Curriculum and Resources Committee

Classification: Co-opted Governor

Appointed: 01 Sept 2021 (since 01 Sept 2017)

Term ends: 31 Aug 2025


Gillian Lever 

Chair, Resources Committee

Classification: Co-opted governor

Appointed: 14 June 2020 (since 19 June 2016)

Term ends: 13 June 2024

Erica Field

Classification: Co-opted Governor

Appointed: 21 June 2022

Term ends: 20 June 2026



Kelly MacPherson

Classification: Parent Governor

Appointed: 13 Dec 2021

Term ends: 12 Dec 2025

Sara Bell

Classification: Staff Governor

Appointed: 11 Aug 2020

Term ends: 10 Aug 2024

Councillor Bev Place

Classification: LA Governor

Appointed: 4 Oct 2022

Term ends: 3 Oct 2026



Amanda Davies



Appointed: 01 Sept 2014

There are currently two vacancies for the Governing Body:

1 x Parent Governor, to be nominated by the current parents of the school



Clerk to the Governing Body is Anne Endlar

Clerk to the Committee Meetings is Emma Martin


Our Deputy Head Teacher is also currently in attendance for most of the matters discussed by the Full Governing Body. This is Nicola Longworth-Smith.

Former members of the Governing Body. (12 Months)

The people below have been members of the Governing Body within the last 12 months.

Kate Rothwell

Classification: Parent Governor

Appointed: 25 June 2019

Resigned: 07 Oct 2021 (work and personal commitments)


Andy Leach

Classification: Parent Governor

Appointed: 08 June 2018

Resigned:26 Jan 2022 (work and personal commitments)

Councillor Ray Dutton

Classification: Local Authority Governor 

Appointed: 10 Oct 2021 (since 10 Oct 2013)

Resigned: 05 May 2022 (Relocated to Liverpool)