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PLT cluster meeting- Tuesday 14th November 2017

Hi it's Mckenzie and Emma .........

Today we had a meeting with lots of other schools in our 'Arch Alliance' cluster.  We discussed how we became PLT members, what qualities we looked for when voting and what we had achieved so far within our School Council groups. frown

After that we shared our theme for the project we will all work on. The theme for this year is RECYCLING!!

We did a quiz about RECYCLING and we were shocked about the statistics when it comes to things that are not RECYCLEDno.


Over the up coming year we will have two more meetings and have three tasks to work on in our schoolsfrown.

1. We will promote better recycling in and around school

2. We will set up a whole school competition to design a poster encouraging recycling.

3. Begin an art project using recycled materials collects by our pupils.

We would like to thank all the pupils and teachers that joined us today, we enjoyed listening to your ideas and look forward to meeting you again soon!

Look out for our next post about what your PLT are up to! Bye for now!

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Your PLT are children who have been specially selected to do a very important job of being the pupil voice for the entire school! The job they have is not only very important to them but also allows every other pupil to have their view, say and opinion on what happens in YOUR school! Always make sure you speak to a PLT member if you have an idea or suggestion or even just looking for a helpful bit of advise or support!

We will keep you updated on our meetings each week, decisions that have been made or being discussed, upcoming events and specific discussion topics.

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