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Class 11 (Y5)

Welcome to Class 11's Blog!

On this page you will find a weekly update of what we have all been learning in Class 5. You will also find reminders of your homework expectations, stars of the week, attendance updates and anything else that Year 5 achieve.

Remember you only get one chance at each year group so make each day count and love what you learn.frown


Your teachers are Miss Bishop and Miss Raffles.


  • Home work - One chosen task every Wednesday
  • Reading books - Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • Times Table Challenge - Every Thursday
  • Spelling Test - Every Thursday
  • P.E - Monday/ Friday

  Autumn Term 2 Curriculum Update

The book we will be reading this term as part of our English topic will be 'The boy in the striped Pyjamas'. The topics in the book are closely linked to our Linked Learning topic which is 'How did World War Two impact our local area?'. In Science we are looking at 'Animals including humans' and focussing on changes that human beings experience as they develop to old age. In Maths we will be focussing on 'Statistics', 'Multiplication and Division' and 'perimeter and Area'.  We will be 'Making Games' in Computing and 'Christian Living' in Beliefs and Values with a focus on preparing for Christmas. We also have Enterprise week towards the end of term! Lots of exciting lessons, topics and projects in store for Class 11!


Spelling List - Week Beginning 30th November 2017

Your Homework menu for this term! There are six interesting homeworks linked to our topics this term. Complete one each week to be handed in each Wednesday.

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