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Mrs A Davies





Mrs N Longworth-Smith


Deputy Headteacher/Inclusion Manager

Miss S Bell

Mrs D Macey


Assistant Headteacher 


Assistant Headteacher



Mrs K Hindle

Early Years Leader


Miss A Dytch


Class teacher Year 6 (Class 14)



Miss K McGowan


Class teacher Year 6 (Class 13)



Miss A Bishop

Mr J Stamp

Miss G Reed

Miss R French


Class teacher Year 5 (Class 12)

Class teacher Year 5 (Class 11)

Class teacher Year 4 (Class 10)

Class teacher Year 4 (Class 9)


Miss M Wolf
Class teacher Year 3  (Class 8) 

Miss L Tinsley


Class teacher Year 3  (Class 7) 



Miss L Sharp


Class teacher Year 2 (Class 6)



Miss C Powers


Miss L Carney


Miss C Lee

Class teacher Year 2 (Class 5)


Class teacher Year 1 (Class 4)


Class teacher Year 1  (Class 3)



Mrs K Cumiskey

Miss G McGregor


Mrs R Caulcutt

Class teacher Reception (Class 2) 
Class teacher Reception (Class 1)


Nursery teacher 



Miss E Short


PPA teacher



Miss Gibson



PPA teacher 



Mr O Thomasson


Sports Coach




Classroom Support staff      


Mrs C Salisbury


 HLTA (based in Y2– Class 6)



Mrs L Nolan


Part-time Teaching assistant (in Nursery)

Mrs K Deadman


Teaching Assistant (Speech and Language  interventions)

Miss L Neary


Teaching Assistant (based in Y4 - Class 9))
Mrs N Newton
Teaching Assistant  (based in Reception - Class 2)
Miss J Hudson
Teaching Assistant (based in  Y1 - Class 3)

Miss C McArthur


Teaching Assistant (based in Year 6 - Class 14)



Miss K Guidon

Teaching Assistant (based in Y1 - Class 4)

Mrs L Barlow
Teaching Assistant (based in Y4 -  Class 11)
Mrs L Colam
Teaching Assistant (based in Year 1 and Reception)
Mrs D Swindells
Teaching Assistant (based in Y3  – Class 7)
Mr S Woodrow
Teaching Assistant (based in Y5 - Class 12)
Mrs C  Bytheway

Teaching Assistant (based in Y4  – Class 10)



Mrs M Lee


Teaching Assistant (based in Y3- Class 8)



Mr J Peters


Apprentice Teaching Assistant (based in Y2 - Class 5)



Mrs M O'Connor


Apprentice Teaching Assistant (based in Nursery)



Mrs Claire Williams


Teaching Assistant (based in Y6 - Class 13)



Mrs Nicola Watson


Teaching Assistant (based in Reception - Class 1)



Miss C Tyler


SEN Support (based in Reception)



Miss K Brown


SEN Support (Based in Y3)



Miss M Booth


SEN Support (Based in Reception)


Mrs R Reynolds SEN Support (Based in Y2)  
Other support staff    
Mrs L McArthur Family Liaison Worker  
Miss C McArthur

Breakfast Club worker and After School Club worker  

Mrs A Higginson


Breakfast Club leader



Miss M Higginson

After School Club leader

Office Staff    
Mr T Higginbottom 
School Business Manager

Mrs R Sheppard


School Administrative Assistant 



Mrs E Martin


School Administrative Assistant 




Lunchtime Organisers

Miss M Higginson (Senior Supervisor)   
Mrs A Higginson Mrs K Rosales  
Mrs A Shaheen Mrs L Cloran  
Mrs D Brannigan Miss J Hudson  
Mrs E Eccles Mrs N Monksfield  
Mrs S Seabright    
Premises Staff    
Mr S Ahern Site Supervisor  
Mrs A Leach School Cleaner   
Mrs K Rosales School Cleaner  

Mrs D Gee

School Cleaner  
Mrs L Cloran School Cleaner  
Mrs N Monksfield School Cleaner