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Class 1 and 2 (Reception)

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Thank you to all our wonderful children and parents for their huge efforts on this weeks home learning project. Reception have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes so they were given the challenge of making a shape model. We have had some fabulous (and very creative) responses from castles to farms and robots that have made a lovely display in our corridor.
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Pre-learning homework task for next half term

Picture 1

Big Me Day!

Big Me Day! 1 A police officer.
Big Me Day! 2 Footballers.
Big Me Day! 3 A chef and an artist.
Big Me Day! 4 Vets
Big Me Day! 5 A fireman

Making Biscuits!

Making Biscuits! 1
Making Biscuits! 2
Making Biscuits! 3
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Picture 2

Useful Websites

Here are some useful websites and links to help support your child's learning:

Singalong Cursive Handwriting

JOLLY SONGS A-Z(from the big book JOLLY SONGS)

Here is the link to the Phase Two Jolly Phonics songs we have been learning so you can practise at home!